All about the educational and work history of Roberto casula!!!

Dr. Roberto is one of the senior consultant’s cardiothoracic surgeons who work with the imperial college healthcare NHS trust in London, United Kingdom. He has been in this amazing position for 18 years and is one of the most experienced consultants in the UK. He is the only surgeon who is using robotics in carrying out cardiac surgeries in the UK. He completed his graduation from Padova university medical school in 1989. This is one of the best universities in Italy. Roberto Casula has started his training as a cardiac surgeon in the UK after completing his graduation. He is registered with GMC and is the member of the royal college of surgeons of England. He has extensive knowledge of robotic enhanced and very minimal access to cardiac surgery in the United Kingdom.

Work history

Roberto Casula

He has been working as a visiting surgeon over the 15 years of experience and carried out minimal traditional, he performed robotic cardiac operations in different parts of Europe and he worked with the reputed cardiac centers that are located in Milan, Florence, Bari, Bologna, Middle East, West Indies, Udine, and Athens. He carried over 5000 major cardiac operations from 1988 and has done a series of cardiac surgeries as well as reoperations. Roberto Casula is the top surgeon with minimal access to surgeries and cardiac surgeries. He took the initiative in starting the cardiac surgeries in imperial college that is Saint Mary’s hospital with the minimal access cardiac surgical program. This robotic surgery offers many benefits such as no scar after the operation and less pain while the operation. By adopting these kinds of operations, patients would recover quickly.

Bottom line

Dr. Roberto is one of the best cardiac surgeons and is the only surgeon who is into robotic cardiac operations. After getting treated by this method, people promote their well being.

Sad demise of Yechiel Eckstein

Dedicated person

            Israel has recently lost a very dedicated person towards the country, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He is well known for the foundation of the IFCJ organization which was initially started with the purpose of making bridge between the Christians and Jews. The initial purpose of the organization was to allow the Christians and Jews work together for the safety and security of the Jews and Israel. It also helped the Jews in Israel and other countries. His sad demise on February 6 2019 saddened people. He suddenly died because of the cardiac attack.

Worked for welfare of Jews


            He worked hard for the upbringing of the Israeli people. With the efforts over the past 40 years, Israeli citizens are able to enjoy the tourism in present times. Moreover, the diplomatic boom in Israel has a big contribution of Yechiel Eckstein. Israel citizen are also able to enjoy the social contribution of billions of shekels as stated by the IFCJ reviews. Rabbi Eckstein contributed and helped number of Israeli immigrants in the country. Isaac Herzog who has the Jewish agency handles the aspects of the immigration of Jews to Israel. After the sad demise of Eckstein, he paid tribute to him for his work towards the Jewish community.

            The Jewish people lost Eckstein who was their leader and who worked tirelessly on their behalf. Herzog expressed the work done by him along with Eckstein such as the social welfare works, aliyah and Diaspora works. He gives his deep condolence to the family and also to the complete family of international fellowship of Christians and Jews. There are number of people who describe the works done by rabbi as the incalculable works done and they also expect that the organization remains maintained even after his demise.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Is No More, Declares His Organization

The “bridge builder” between the Christians and the Jews, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein has expired on 6th February 2019, Wednesday, at his own home in Jerusalem. The news of his demise has officially been announced by his organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has paid his tribute to this famous personality of American-Israeli origin and mentioned how diligently the Rabbi worked for the overall development of Israel and for strengthening the bond between the Christians and the Jews.

Early life

Yechiel Eckstein

Born on July 11, 1951, in Winthrop, Massachusetts, United States, Yechiel Eckstein belonged to strongly religious family background. His father Simon L. Eckstein was a Canadian Rabbi and psychologist, who was serving in Winthrop at the time of his son’s birth. In 1952, the family moved to Ottawa and his father became the chief Rabbi there. Eckstein was ordained at Yeshiva University in New York and after that; he went on to become a member of the Anti-Defamation League in Chicago. It was during the last half of the 1970s that he started to reinforce the connection between the Christian and the Jews community.

Israel and IFCJ

It was in 1983 that his attempt to foster Jews-Christian solidarity received a positive outcome with the foundation of the IFCJ, a philanthropic organization based on Israel. It was founded basically for helping the Israeli people, especially the vulnerable residents, by raising funds from the evangelists. The institute has made a record of raising about $1.6 billion in total since its establishment and, as declared by the IFCJ reviews, it manages to collect up to $140 million per year now.

Rabbi Eckstein has led an active and eventful life till his last days on this earth. Few days before his death, he was reported to be present at a fund-raising occasion for the Hadassah Medical Center.

Who is Mr. Roberto P Casula?

Mr. Roberto P Casula who holds many degrees, including MD, FRCS and FETCS is working as a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust that is in the United Kingdom. He is working as a consultant for a decade after completion of his graduation from the Padova University Medical School in Italy in the year 1989 and was rigorously trained in the United Kingdom in Cardiothoracic Surgery as well as in the Thoracic Organs Transplantation. Roberto Casula was registered as the consultant surgeons with the GMC. He has carried out thousands of cardiac operations successfully. He also has a proven record of diagnosing and giving the right cardiac treatment to the patients and helping them to lead a normal life. He has carried out the first heart surgery in the year 1990.Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula has extensive knowledge of robotic-enhanced and very minimal access cardiac surgery in the United Kingdom and is the face behind the robotic cardiac surgical clinical program that is started in the Imperial College to introduce new technologies to the medical students and help them stay on par with the latest advancements. He is known as the only surgeon who is using robotics in carrying out cardiac surgery in the United Kingdom. He earned a huge reputation in a short span after starting the career. Moreover, the one name that comes into the mind of people who want to undergo cardiac surgery without going through an invasive process is him. He is making use of latest technology to make the surgery a breeze for patients.

The robotic enhanced and minimal access cardiac surgery will be offering a myriad of benefits to patients, especially; they do not go through acute pain and no scars after the surgery. The post operative infection would also be comparatively less. The best thing is that, it helps the patient to recover briskly after the surgery and promote their emotional and physical well-being.

Roberto Casula Eni and His Working Ideals

Known for his quick wit and sharp intelligence, Roberto Casula is an exceptional entrepreneur, and a remarkable visionary. It is known that before he sleeps, he revises over the entire day’s errands and plans for the upcoming day so that the new day doesn’t go a minute wasted. His usual affair in a day involves planning for the whole day in advance, learning about his itinerary, following through and giving a few hours to innovative ideas, thoughts and fresh perspectives.

The idea is to think about the present while exploring the possible future for a better tomorrow keeping in mind world as well as environment’s survival. His contribution in the Oil & Gas industry has been remarkably exceptional and awe inspiring. Beginning his journey as a Reservoir Engineer for an oil & Gas company in Italy, he led his way towards technical aspects of a business and managerial ways in changing the organisational structures.

Casula, not casual

Roberto Casula eni

His strategic thoughts concentrated mostly on areas of energy crisis and sustainable energy possibilities. On an environmental perspective, the ever fluctuating climatic scenario is a major issue for the nations around the globe. As and how the census increases by many folds around the world, energy demand demands by an equivalent percentage thus, stressing and straining over the leftover energy resources.

As pointed out by Roberto in the MIT Energy Initiative held in November, 2016, it is now important that countries and nations work as a single unit and strive for global engagement in managing and efficiently utilising the energy resources while focusing and exploring energy sustainable options for the next generations’ survival and betterment.

His global thoughts and decision making aspects makes Roberto Casula Eni a well-known figure in the entrepreneurship world today.

Vegan Restaurants Have Gained Dominance in Contemporary Time

The contemporary scenario of food making business has entirely changed. In the past, there were fewer options of restaurants. These restaurants used to serve foods common for all categories of people, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There were limited menus in these traditional restaurants.

How food habits are created in humans

Over years, a new trend of vegetarian restaurants emerged, making distinction between traditional restaurants and special restaurants having exclusively vegetarian menus for their customers. The opening of these restaurants was a great relief for those people who needed animal-free options in foods and hated to dine amid the crowd of meat-eating people. The nature has created a balance by offering both animal and plant foods, but people’s preferences can’t be challenged. The humans are not born as vegetarians or non-vegetarians, but the family, religion, culture and traditional practices make them a person of specific category. This can also be a taste of tongue because there are, many times, vegetarian and non-vegetarians in the same family.

vegetarian restaurants

Changing food habits

The habits of eating specific category of foods also change in certain population over time. For instance, Americans were fonder of animal foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, etc. in the past, but they are finding more taste and heath in salads and other plant-based foods in contemporary time. There may be various reasons for this metamorphosis, but we’re not concerned here about these reasons.

Current trend is of veg foods

The restaurants and food outlets have to design their menus for dishes based on the choice of majority customers. The current trend is of vegetarian foods and there more customers with these preferences. Thus, most restaurants serving vegetarian menu are getting converted into vegan restaurants. They are increasing plant-based food options in their menu cards. They are making these dished more tastier by creating new recipes. These restaurants are creating user-friendly options to order vegetarian foods online and receive their order through home delivery.

Do Diet Pills Really Work? Should We Take Them?

Can I lose weight by popping just few pills? This is the question most people having dream of weight loss generally ask. It is understood that carrying bulk of unwanted fat on the body is cumbersome for anybody facing this situation, but this has no instant solution. Human body is not like a balloon which can be deflated within seconds. We know that substantial bulk of our body is due to water and rest weight is due to bones and muscles. The problem arises when fat takes the charge. If your body carries bulk due to muscle mass, it’s always good, but when fat deposition exceeds muscle mass, it becomes a serious condition.

Weight gain – a big problem

celebrity diet pillsThe recent research has shown that changes are observed in the body and brain due to weight gain. This is an indication that you will not be able to perform as efficiently as before weight gain. If you visit your doctor or a fitness expert, he will suggest changes in your diet plan, activity pattern and lifestyle. These factors are part of effective management but not enough to proceed with weight loss plan. Most people are not having ability to stick to this advice because their hectic schedule leaves no time for activity. They don’t have time to eat home-cooked food and fill their tummy with unhealthy junk foods. They also live stressful life in the absence of healthy habits.

Why most people don’t take diet pills

The celebrities usually face problems, as illustrated above, and they use diet pills. We call them celebrity diet pills because these are food substitute of celebs. These pills don’t fill tummy but restrict brain signals when someone feels hunger, reducing appetite and avoiding need to eat in a state of hunger. This is an adverse situation affecting weight watcher’s body in a negative way. This is the reason that most people don’t swallow diet pills even they know that these pills will work for weight loss.

Online Survey methods & Talktosonic Survey

A survey is to study something in the given environment. It is a general description, examination, or view of something. A survey can be conducted manually or online.

Traditional survey methods

The manual survey is a traditional method for long years which is conducted by a survey team which is provided with a set of survey question. The members of the survey team visit appropriate locations and approach target population to fill answers to designated survey questions. The members of the team make face to face conversation and ask questions to get people’s answers or views. The distribution of a survey sheet to people is alternatively used for this purpose.

Online survey methods


In modern era of technology, traditional survey methods have been subjugated by online survey methods. Online survey methods are powerful and can target quite a large number of populations at a time by using power of internet. Online survey methods are convenient and can save lot of time, money and efforts. There are online survey tools that help in conducting surveys on internet platforms. The survey questions can be sent via email communication or can be launched on the website. Online survey methods usually have templates which are used for designing a specific survey.

What is talktosonic online survey

If you know about Google survey, you might have heard of Survey Monkey tool which is a free survey tool commonly used for surveys. Talktosonic is a legal Sonic Survey Free Route 44. This can be filled at www talktosonic com. This survey allows you to write anything, a complaint or your views, for instance, your experience about some service, your experience on various ways to pay at restaurants, and anything else.

What you get

When you use Talk to Sonic, you may be able to get a sonic coupon. You can get Free Route 44 Coupon Code which can be exchanged for a free item. For instance, a coupon can be exchanged for free Route 44 drink or iced tea, or it could be some other item based on the coupon code. So, you can fill this survey and enjoy.

Keep Your Projects Safe And Reliable

Safety is the major concern, no matter what is the level of production or manufacturing in the business industry. For which, it is always advisable to adopt the perfect strategy that includes zero error to occur. Ti tube is one of the safest product, manufactured by the key producers of the industry. Since they have different stages and certifications to be managed, before the final stage occurs in the production process. For them human safety is as important as the revenue being generated out of their business processing. As they cannot compromise upon the same, at any cost whatsoever.

Ti tube is a small unit of various domestic and commercial machinery and equipments, that can make it work completely perfect and safe. In order to make sure, that there arises no chance of anyone getting hurt while operating the big sized machineries in the factories or sites.

Ti tube

With the engineers taking full care and passing the product through high level checks, you can stay assured that there exists no chance of failing the machinery due to their products in case if it happens in the rare circumstances ever. So, safety is being taken care of.

Being a business owner or a part of the project functioning, you always want to serve your clients in the maximum possible manner. While making sure, that they are not being robbed in terms of money and trust that they count upon you. Similarly, the producers of ti tube are so dedicated for your satisfaction and finances that there must not be any kind of chances to face any concern on the later stages of your working. Since, they aim for your safety and optimum utilization of available resources to make you feel strong and sustainable in the respective markets.