The Alumni Association Made Serious Effort in Making the Ou Ring As Authentic As Possible

When we talk about the most excellent education centre, the name Oklahoma University always pops up once during the discussion. The University is one of the oldest and premium education destination located in the town of Norman. The Oklahoma University boast about their colossal alumni which include personalities like politicians, economist, industrialists and the most notable among them the former president of the United States Sam Houston.ou class ring

 The inception of the place:

The Institute got incepted when the territorial legislature of Oklahoma ordered the town of Norman to donate forty acres of land and asked them to raise around ten grand by selling bonds to set up the school. The school opened its gate for the students on December 14, 1891. In about 1903, the campus faced a significant hit when almost the entire campus got ravaged by a fire, and severe reconstruction had to be done to run the institute.

As the institute over the years has built a history which included both highs and lows, the alumni association decided to come up with a unique idea so that former students can wear the pride that comes with studying in the Oklahoma University. It gave birth to sam houston state university ring which given to each ex-students who have completed their studies form this prestigious university.ou class ring

The design of the ou ring:

The design of the ou class ring is uniquely similar to the history of the university. The Cherokee Gothic architectural style inspired the campus buildings of Oklahoma University which found its place in the design of the ring in the form of arches on both sides of the ring. Gold is widely used while making the ring which symbolizes the quality of education imparted at the place as the metal is one of the precious metal. The ou ring is the symbolic representation of everything the university stood for over the years.