An Inspiration for Budding Engineers

In 1962, in the largest city on the Sardinia islands, Cagliari, Roberto Casula was born.roberto casula


He graduated in mining engineering in 1988. It was in the same year that he joined Eni as a reservoir engineer. He continued in this position till 1991. During these years, he had a variety of roles to play. Initially, he used to carry out the testing of logs and production. Thereafter, he was given the responsibility of a supervisor, looking after the reservoir modelling processes.

He was based in Italy until he moved to West Africa with the position of Chief Development Engineer. It was in 1997 that he was transferred to Milan and promoted to become the business development coordinator for the Middle East and Africa.

It was from here that he started going up the ladder to make a brand of himself. He held the position of the headquarters’ Project Technical Services Manager before he was promoted to become to become the Project Director for the Middle East in 2001. He led a major gas project during this time.roberto casula

This was the start for Roberto Casula Eni to take up a variety of managerial positions. He became the Chief Executive Officer of a branch of Eni and finally he was appointed the Managing Director of Eni in 2005.

What next?

But Roberto Casula did not stop there. He continued his ascend after being appointed the Managing Director too. In 2007, he grabbed the position of Senior Vice President to look after operations and business affairs in the sub-Saharan parts of Africa.

Eni’s E and P branch got its new Executive Vice President in the name of Roberto Casula in 2011. He started spreading his business wings and got the entire Africa and the Middle East under him. He was also responsible for the development of two prominent discoveries in Mozambique.

Finally, he was appointed as the Chief Development Officer for operations and technology in 2014.