Aspects involve in Osteoporose treatment

The main aim behind the osteoporose tartar treatment is to strengthen bones. This can be obtained by taking proper medication, eating calcium-rich diet and through regular exercising. Osteoporose cannot be cured, however proper treatment helps in increasing the bone mass which further saves bones from fractures.

Osteoporose treatment:

  1. Taking proper medication: it is very important to take the medicines regularly and as per the prescription of the doctor. The medication provided to the patient having tratamento osteoporose, generally include:
  • Calcitonin: this can be taken in form of an injection or inhaled for. It’s main aim is to prevent the increase in the calcium level in blood.
  • Strontium ranelate: it helps in enhancing bone formation
  • Teriparatide: it aims at reducing the chances of bone fractures in the body
  • Supplements of Vitamin D and calcium
  1. Regular exercises: physical activities play a very important role in strengthening bones. It enhances the entry of calcium into the bones. However, it is advisable to consult a professional before starting of any kind of physical exercises. Regular physiotherapy sessions helps in strengthening of muscles as well as joints. It also help in improving muscle coordination and bone balance.

  1. Diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D: Calcium rich diet is very important component of osteoporosis treatment. The daily calcium requirement of a menopausal woman is around 1200 mg. People suffering from osteoporosis should understand the daily calcium requirement of their body and plan their diet accordingly.

Treatment of Osteoporose tartar can be effective by following a strict schedule. Beside taking medicines, regular exercising, and calcium-rich diet, this routine also involves a regular check-up by the doctor. This will help in keeping a check on the state of osteoporosis. Depending on the state of improvement, the doctor may regulate the dosage of medicines as well as supplements.