Heart surgery types and need for expert care

The day you discover that a loved one from your family is suffering from heart disease would be very disappointing especially in earlier days when there was not much awareness about different types of heart problems that one could possibly have. There have also been periods when heart problems were linked with death in such a way that there was a belief that a patient with heart disease would die prematurely.  But,  the modern technological advancements in the medical field, as well as the awareness, has made it possible to understand how the types of heart surgeries can be used by expert cardiac surgeons like robert casula to save lives.roberto casula

Types of surgery

  There are two types of surgery.

  • The traditional open heart surgery
  • The modern minimally invasive heart surgery

The type of surgery that the expert cardiac surgeons like robert casula decide on the type of surgery that has to be employed depending on the type of problem, the severity of the problem as well as the age and other ailments that the patient already has that have to be considered.

Heart problem and type of  surgery

Open heart surgery is employed by surgeons like robert casula to correct the problems in the heart related to the heart muscle, arteries, valves, and other structure-related issues.  Open heart surgery means a surgical procedure in which the chest is opened for correcting the problem. when the heart is opened for the surgery the heart is actually stopped with the help of a heart-lung machine. The open heart surgery is the only option for coronary artery bypass procedures as well as cardiac operations for people with  heart surgery in the past.roberto casula

 The minimally invasive surgery  is a sort of robotic surgery  that can be used for coronary bypass, Aneurysm repair as well as valve surgery.  It is less risky and the cardiac procedures does not cause much scar or pain and shorter recovery time.