How Did The IFCJ Build A Good Understanding Among The Masses?

Rabbi Eckstein did not become the leading voice of teaching Jewish roots to Christians internationally without turning stones. He worked tirelessly and reached towards his ambition without letting setbacks get the better of him. Through impeccable communication skills and through advocacy programs, IFCJ reviews have indicated that the organization was able to reach millions of people.

The organization has made possible to reach millions through the following mediums:


IFCJ ratingsRadio programs of IFCJ is communicated in English as well as Spanish. It is being heard from over 4156 radio outlets on six continents and there are over 160 million listeners who tune onto these channels weekly. In united states itself, there are over 12 million tuning daily to listen the Holy Land Moments program based on Jewish roots. A 3-5 minutes separate news update airs on a weekly basis in Israel. The program has more than 1.8 million viewers from 1300 stations. Another daily Program includes one mute of Prayers for Israelis.  It mainly features prayers from the supporters.


Daily television programs are aired nationally in Australia, Canada, USA and Europe and have a viewer count of over 18 million a week. These programs are aimed at highlighting the basic needs of Jews in Arab lands, Soviet Union, Ethiopia and Israel. The high IFCJ rating is a good indicator of the success of these programs.

IFCJ ratingsSocial Media

Social Media is probably the best way now to reach billions from all around the world with just one click. One has to be strategic enough to attract the viewers and let them understand the purpose of the Fellowship without exaggerating stuffs. The fellowship provides educational resources, daily updates and flash news on a daily basis to keep supporters updated.

Besides all these mediums, Rabbi Eckstein has also peened down several books throughout his lifetime which has helped to build bridge of understanding among the Christians and Jews. Is IFCJ a good charity?  Well there is hardly and doubts. Regular high IFCJ ratings on Charity Navigator speak in volume about their yearly success.