How Effective Is the Use of E-cigarettes to Ensure Lungs’ Safety?

E-cigaretter have become popular during past few years, and many chain smokers willing to smoking cessation are switching over to the habit of electronic cigarette use. The health professionals are not fully in favor of this practice, but this is considered a better practice for cigarette smokers. Roskilde e-juiceIf you are not an existing smoker, it is not recommended to start use of electronic cigarette, but it is recommended to switch over, if you’re a chain smoker.

Impact of e-cigarettes use on lungs

Roskilde e-juice is also an addiction and this is not recommended. This device is not also recommended for underage population. There is also an association of health and safety risks with the use of this device. In this way, electronic cigarette is nearly similar to conventional practice of cigarette smoking. However, vapor inhalation is a better way compared to smoke inhalation. This practice has greatly emerged in few countries like UK and United States. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to systematically review the impact of vaping on human health, especially on lungs, but few evolving evidences have shown terrible impact of electronic cigarette use on human health. The researchers are not interested in studying effects of electronic cigarettes on just lungs, but they have a different perspective. They are studying its impact on overall health and they have come up with other outcomes. However, the impact on lungs Roskilde e-juiceremains an important issue.

How far electronic cigarette is safe for lungs?

On one hand the American Lung Association is very bothered by the studies’ outcome showing adverse impact on lungs, the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, on the other hand, is concerned about release of consensus study report published after review of 800 different studies. It has been depicted that vapor inhalation of e-væske can cause lung disease or irreversible lung damage. This raises a question on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes compared to conventional cigarette smoking.