IFCJ with Its Benefits for the Two Great Religious Communities

International Fellowship of Christian and Jews knew as IFCJ is a non-profit organization which was founded by Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983. It had another name at the beginning that is Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews.IFCJ rating

To whom it caters to?

The foundation mainly caters to the help Jews and Christian in need. To promote a fellow feeling between the two giant communities based on different religious thoughts. It has an aim to give gratifying support to the country of Israel and other companies. The outlook of the organization is to pacify the outrage between these communities. To increase the co-operation, understanding, brotherhood between the Jews and Christians it increases its fund continuously.

The fellowship has provided a good sum of money in the interest of the people who need it. The countries to which it provides its help are the Soviet Union, Ethiopia, and India. It extends its hands to fight poverty especially in Israel and help the orphans and elderly people in the Soviet Union. In fulfilling all these, is IFCJ a good charity?

Do you know anything about the founder?

Yechiel Eckstein is an Israeli-American rabbi. Who is a rabbi? A rabbi is a Jewish scholar or a teacher who can make or have the power to give traditional decisions. He devoted his life to the service of Jews and Christians. He took a vow to mend the hitch between these two great communities. He had dual citizenship of U.S. and Israel.

IFCJ reviews are worth mentioning. The workers say that working in that non-profit organization have given them enough scope to help and witness the surplus fund that is raised for the well-being of deprived people.IFCJ rating

These funds are the outcome of the love and devotion the payers have toward the founder. IFCJ ratings are done on totally on the help immense help that it caters to the needy people.

IFCJ rating is 81.55 out of 100 all over which gives a major up thrust in its fundraising limits.