Osteoporosis in Dogs, Its Symptoms & Treatment

Animal kingdom enjoys the benefits of its body systems to perform various functions. Human is most superior in animal kingdom which is included in mammal class. This class is diverse and this classification is based on some specific characteristics common to complete mammalian class. All mammals have backbone and strong framework of bones for body support and functions. The bones are animal body’s strength, but weakening of bones or bone deformity can make great change in the life of an animal, and this change affects its life negatively.

Osteoporosis in dogs

There are many conditions that cause weakening of bones or bone loss in animals. Human is not the only sufferer due to bone deformities, but other animals also face these problems which are treated by veterinary specialists or vets. One such bone deformity in animals is osteoporosis (osteoporose in Danish). Osteoporosis is not just a human disease of bones, but it affects your pets also. Your dog may suffer from this disease and have symptoms of this disease. In dogs also, this disease is represented by low bone density and osteoporosis symptoms or tratar osteoporose appear long after substantial fall in bone density, though symptoms of osteoporosis in humans start appearing at an intermediate stage.

Osteoporosis symptoms in dogs

Dogs lead active life and perform activities like running, digging, jumping and leaping. That’s why bone structure of dogs is robust, but you can sense occurrence of osteoporosis in your dog when your dog fails to perform these activities efficiently. This is due to chronic pain which a dog feels due to osteoporosis. Onset of osteoporosis in dogs is generally characterized by susceptibility to bone fractures. The lost body efficiency in dogs is usually due to occurrence of osteoporosis.

Dogs’ osteoporosis treatment

Osteoporosis in dogs can’t be treated forever, like humans, but it shouldn’t be left untreated. Dogs’ tratamentoosteoporose is available in veterinary clinics. The vets use pain-relievers to mitigate chronic pain and medications are also used to restore a part of lost bone density.