IFCJ with Its Benefits for the Two Great Religious Communities

International Fellowship of Christian and Jews knew as IFCJ is a non-profit organization which was founded by Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983. It had another name at the beginning that is Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews.IFCJ rating

To whom it caters to?

The foundation mainly caters to the help Jews and Christian in need. To promote a fellow feeling between the two giant communities based on different religious thoughts. It has an aim to give gratifying support to the country of Israel and other companies. The outlook of the organization is to pacify the outrage between these communities. To increase the co-operation, understanding, brotherhood between the Jews and Christians it increases its fund continuously.

The fellowship has provided a good sum of money in the interest of the people who need it. The countries to which it provides its help are the Soviet Union, Ethiopia, and India. It extends its hands to fight poverty especially in Israel and help the orphans and elderly people in the Soviet Union. In fulfilling all these, is IFCJ a good charity?

Do you know anything about the founder?

Yechiel Eckstein is an Israeli-American rabbi. Who is a rabbi? A rabbi is a Jewish scholar or a teacher who can make or have the power to give traditional decisions. He devoted his life to the service of Jews and Christians. He took a vow to mend the hitch between these two great communities. He had dual citizenship of U.S. and Israel.

IFCJ reviews are worth mentioning. The workers say that working in that non-profit organization have given them enough scope to help and witness the surplus fund that is raised for the well-being of deprived people.IFCJ rating

These funds are the outcome of the love and devotion the payers have toward the founder. IFCJ ratings are done on totally on the help immense help that it caters to the needy people.

IFCJ rating is 81.55 out of 100 all over which gives a major up thrust in its fundraising limits.

IFCJ, a Name to Remember Till Eternity And Beyond

Over the years, IFCJ (the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) has served for the betterment of the IFCJ reviewspeople. It has been an organization that spreads faith, healing and compassion and has been a solid support for all the needy people. It has catered to the diverse strategic issues. There have been many IFCJ programs, of which the Guardians of Israel is the most popular.

200 Israeli cities have been fed via this program.  They also provide shelter and medical care. As everyone is aware of the situation in Israel these kinds of programs are always essential.

The Evaluation of Goodness is left to be judged!

There are many issues that must be considered now. The most important thing is IFCJ a good charity? This is the most asked question. But all that can be said is that the answer is difficult to say.  However, in spite of all the criticisms, may it always be the organization where people can come for help?  The IFCJ reviews are so reliable that IFCJ reviewseven Israel’s PM has helped them. Their revenues have helped the state of Israel in general and holistically.

The IFCJ has helped the poor and the needy. The IFCJ rating has since inception been recorded high. The main purpose of the organization has been to help the needy and the poor which they have always lived up to.

The Rating says it all

The IFCJ ratings through all these years have remained true to its data and have shown correct figurines. The organization has tailored the programs to fight the adverse conditions in Israel and has helped many.

how does he implement them to treat his patients?

Mr. Roberto Casula is a bright person and his degrees prove this fact. He has studied in some of the best schools and colleges in his life and gained immense knowledge which has earned him this position in the present days. He is now the cardiothoracic surgery consultant in Imperial College Healthcare NHS. He is a pass out of the famous school in Italy, Padova University Medical School. He completed his medical schooling in the year 1989 and has henceforth dedicated himself in the service of his patients every day.roberto casula

Roberto Casula responds to his patient’s needs even in odd hours of the day. He is known for his patience knowledge and success rate in operations. He carries all the necessary documents that are required by legal bodies of the state where he performs the operations and checks his patients. An immense compassion and knowledge is required to gain the degrees and position that Mr. Robert Casula has gained in his lifetime. He is an expert in robotics involving cardiac surgeries. He has unique technique techniques and huge knowledge that he implements while treating his patients. He is like God to his patients. He operates with perfection and there is only a small scar left after the surgery is over. The patients experience no or less pain during the operations as he uses robotics in heart surgeries to treat his patients. According to him the patients when treated in this manner are less prone to infections.roberto casula

Final word

Roberto Casula has a completely different level of enthusiasm to serve his patients and uses his extraordinary knowledge to execute every operation. He has tasted success in maximum number of operation cases in his life. He is the only surgeon to use robotics in cardiac surgeries.

Heart surgery types and need for expert care

The day you discover that a loved one from your family is suffering from heart disease would be very disappointing especially in earlier days when there was not much awareness about different types of heart problems that one could possibly have. There have also been periods when heart problems were linked with death in such a way that there was a belief that a patient with heart disease would die prematurely.  But,  the modern technological advancements in the medical field, as well as the awareness, has made it possible to understand how the types of heart surgeries can be used by expert cardiac surgeons like robert casula to save lives.roberto casula

Types of surgery

  There are two types of surgery.

  • The traditional open heart surgery
  • The modern minimally invasive heart surgery

The type of surgery that the expert cardiac surgeons like robert casula decide on the type of surgery that has to be employed depending on the type of problem, the severity of the problem as well as the age and other ailments that the patient already has that have to be considered.

Heart problem and type of  surgery

Open heart surgery is employed by surgeons like robert casula to correct the problems in the heart related to the heart muscle, arteries, valves, and other structure-related issues.  Open heart surgery means a surgical procedure in which the chest is opened for correcting the problem. when the heart is opened for the surgery the heart is actually stopped with the help of a heart-lung machine. The open heart surgery is the only option for coronary artery bypass procedures as well as cardiac operations for people with  heart surgery in the past.roberto casula

 The minimally invasive surgery  is a sort of robotic surgery  that can be used for coronary bypass, Aneurysm repair as well as valve surgery.  It is less risky and the cardiac procedures does not cause much scar or pain and shorter recovery time.

An Inspiration for Budding Engineers

In 1962, in the largest city on the Sardinia islands, Cagliari, Roberto Casula was born.roberto casula


He graduated in mining engineering in 1988. It was in the same year that he joined Eni as a reservoir engineer. He continued in this position till 1991. During these years, he had a variety of roles to play. Initially, he used to carry out the testing of logs and production. Thereafter, he was given the responsibility of a supervisor, looking after the reservoir modelling processes.

He was based in Italy until he moved to West Africa with the position of Chief Development Engineer. It was in 1997 that he was transferred to Milan and promoted to become the business development coordinator for the Middle East and Africa.

It was from here that he started going up the ladder to make a brand of himself. He held the position of the headquarters’ Project Technical Services Manager before he was promoted to become to become the Project Director for the Middle East in 2001. He led a major gas project during this time.roberto casula

This was the start for Roberto Casula Eni to take up a variety of managerial positions. He became the Chief Executive Officer of a branch of Eni and finally he was appointed the Managing Director of Eni in 2005.

What next?

But Roberto Casula did not stop there. He continued his ascend after being appointed the Managing Director too. In 2007, he grabbed the position of Senior Vice President to look after operations and business affairs in the sub-Saharan parts of Africa.

Eni’s E and P branch got its new Executive Vice President in the name of Roberto Casula in 2011. He started spreading his business wings and got the entire Africa and the Middle East under him. He was also responsible for the development of two prominent discoveries in Mozambique.

Finally, he was appointed as the Chief Development Officer for operations and technology in 2014.

Movil Crack: A place to be for mobile owners

Keeping some additional equipment is always a matter that comes ahead of recognition of some need. As soon as there is felt some kind of need to capture something, a person starts looking out for it. The equipment that provides the services always extends help to the person, and hence, the tasks are accomplished with ease. movil crackAs it happens to be, the rise of mobile phones market is based on similar concept. As people recognized the need to have an assistant with themselves, the mobile phones came to their aid and provided them with whatever has been lacking for so long.

However, keeping the same equipment might add additional burdens over the shoulders of the owner, and therefore, the two ends of the coin can now be seen with ease. The disadvantages, which are surely pretty much non-significant, are outperformed by the advantages. But the mishandling of the mobile phone can be seen as a source from which the disadvantages might arise. Moreover, movil crackit is the faulty making of the smartphone that might trouble the person. Therefore, it is essential to have a place like movil crack, where all the needs and expectations of the mobile owners can be met with ease. The mobile owners can purchase their attachments and accessories directly from the online stores of www.movilcrack.com. And as far as repairing services are concerned, which are at first the best ones which they can afford to have at a reasonable prices, the service quality is incredible in all aspects. Therefore, movil crack gives great advantage to people who want to have some sort of assistant   helping them in every moment of life. Men put in work a special kind of talent that no other hub can provide, and hence, https://www.movilcrack.com must be addressed.

How Effective Is the Use of E-cigarettes to Ensure Lungs’ Safety?

E-cigaretter have become popular during past few years, and many chain smokers willing to smoking cessation are switching over to the habit of electronic cigarette use. The health professionals are not fully in favor of this practice, but this is considered a better practice for cigarette smokers. Roskilde e-juiceIf you are not an existing smoker, it is not recommended to start use of electronic cigarette, but it is recommended to switch over, if you’re a chain smoker.

Impact of e-cigarettes use on lungs

Roskilde e-juice is also an addiction and this is not recommended. This device is not also recommended for underage population. There is also an association of health and safety risks with the use of this device. In this way, electronic cigarette is nearly similar to conventional practice of cigarette smoking. However, vapor inhalation is a better way compared to smoke inhalation. This practice has greatly emerged in few countries like UK and United States. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to systematically review the impact of vaping on human health, especially on lungs, but few evolving evidences have shown terrible impact of electronic cigarette use on human health. The researchers are not interested in studying effects of electronic cigarettes on just lungs, but they have a different perspective. They are studying its impact on overall health and they have come up with other outcomes. However, the impact on lungs Roskilde e-juiceremains an important issue.

How far electronic cigarette is safe for lungs?

On one hand the American Lung Association is very bothered by the studies’ outcome showing adverse impact on lungs, the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, on the other hand, is concerned about release of consensus study report published after review of 800 different studies. It has been depicted that vapor inhalation of e-væske can cause lung disease or irreversible lung damage. This raises a question on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes compared to conventional cigarette smoking.

Why A Reputed Supplement Brand Is More Effective?

Every day, you hear stories of successful supplements. You also success stories of celebrities and reviews of past supplement users who validate claims of supplement manufacturers. What celebrities say about some supplement may not be true because they are specifically hired by the marketers to advertise their product, and they tell the language dictated to them. The reason is obvious because celebrities are not real users of products, but act as hired models for which they are paid huge sums. Let’s discuss about users’ views. Occasionally, the real views are published, especially when these views are absolutely positive. When you find quite a large number of positive views about a supplement or product, these are usually fake numbers, but not real users. So, can’t trust on them.

national nutrition

Why to buy a reputed supplement brand

What’s the best way to determine the genuineness of a supplement? No doubt, a supplement you buy should be effective to achieve your objective, but it is quite difficult to ensure which brand may be effective. A brand repute, however, matters. For instance, if you buy a supplement on the website of National Nutrition, you can keep your trust on their products. The supplements Canada are relatively more trustworthy because the manufacturers usually follow the recommendations of the FDA, though this is not obligatory for them. It is a good gesture to create quality product. Let’s consider another example. There are many supplement brands of supplements to stabilize sugar level in the body, but why GlucoSmart is more popular. The reason is trustworthiness of its manufacturer that maintains trust of its users.national nutrition

Why all supplements with same ingredients vary in effectiveness?

From above discussion, it is explicit that all ingredients containing same elements may not have similar effectiveness because quality of ingredients also matters. A supplement of reputed brand may contain high-quality ingredients compared to some local brand. This also makes a steep difference in price, but reduces effectiveness of the supplement.

The Alumni Association Made Serious Effort in Making the Ou Ring As Authentic As Possible

When we talk about the most excellent education centre, the name Oklahoma University always pops up once during the discussion. The University is one of the oldest and premium education destination located in the town of Norman. The Oklahoma University boast about their colossal alumni which include personalities like politicians, economist, industrialists and the most notable among them the former president of the United States Sam Houston.ou class ring

 The inception of the place:

The Institute got incepted when the territorial legislature of Oklahoma ordered the town of Norman to donate forty acres of land and asked them to raise around ten grand by selling bonds to set up the school. The school opened its gate for the students on December 14, 1891. In about 1903, the campus faced a significant hit when almost the entire campus got ravaged by a fire, and severe reconstruction had to be done to run the institute.

As the institute over the years has built a history which included both highs and lows, the alumni association decided to come up with a unique idea so that former students can wear the pride that comes with studying in the Oklahoma University. It gave birth to sam houston state university ring which given to each ex-students who have completed their studies form this prestigious university.ou class ring

The design of the ou ring:

The design of the ou class ring is uniquely similar to the history of the university. The Cherokee Gothic architectural style inspired the campus buildings of Oklahoma University which found its place in the design of the ring in the form of arches on both sides of the ring. Gold is widely used while making the ring which symbolizes the quality of education imparted at the place as the metal is one of the precious metal. The ou ring is the symbolic representation of everything the university stood for over the years.

mоst соmрrеhеnsіvе СBD oil rеvіеw rаnkіngs аvаіlаblе

Іn а сrоwdеd mаrkеt, fіndіng thе bеst CBD oil іs а сhаllеngе. Whіlе thеrе іs а lоt оf рurе СВD оіl fоr sаlе, thеrе’s а lоt оf untrustwоrthу stuff tоо. Аlthоugh еvеrу соmраnу wіll tоut thаt thеу саrrу thе mоst еffесtіvе СВD оіl tіnсturе fоr sаlе, thе truth іs рrоduсt quаlіtу саn vаrу drаmаtісаllу frоm vеndоr tо vеndоr. Wіthоut рrоduсt rеgulаtіоn, іt іs trеmеndоuslу іmроrtаnt fоr соnsumеrs whо wіsh tо buу СВD оіl tо соnduсt thеіr оwn rеsеаrсh аnd CBD Oil review fоr орtіmаl rеsults. Јust bесаusе а соmраnу сlаіms tо hаvе рurе СВD оіl fоr sаlе, dоеsn’t mеаn уоu’rе gеttіng уоur mоnеу’s wоrth.

Guіdе tо СВD hаs рrоduсеd оnе оf thе mоst соmрrеhеnsіvе СBD oil rеvіеw rаnkіngs аvаіlаblе, сhесkіng оut nеаrlу 80 соmраnіеs bаsеd іn thе UЅ, Саnаdа, аnd Еurоре.

Таkе thе tіmе tо dо уоur оwn rеsеаrсh аnd dіsсоvеr thе dіffеrеnсеs аmоng hеmр оіl СВD аvаіlаblе рrоduсts. Сhесk оut Guіdе tо СВD’s tор СВD оіl rеvіеw tо dіsсоvеr hоw еасh mау оffеr thе bеnеfіts оf СВD оіl thаt уоu nееd.

  • Bluebird Botanicals

Вluеbіrd Воtаnісаls рrоvіdеs full sресtrum СВD оіl usіng Соlоrаdо hеmр. Тhе rеаsоn thеу usе Соlоrаdо hеmр іs thе 80 рhуtо-саnnbіnоіds fоund іn thе рlаnt. Тhеу sресіfісаllу usе vаrіаtіоns оf hеmр thаt hаvе vеrу lоw lеvеls оf ТНС аnd dо nоt саusе рsусhоtrоріс rеасtіоns. Тhе соmраnу іs vеrу trаnsраrеnt аbоut thе рlаnts thеу usе fоr thеіr tор СВD оіl tіnсturеs. Тhе соmраnу rесоmmеnds thаt іndіvіduаls dіsсuss thе bеnеfіts оf СВD оіl wіth а mеdісаl рrоfеssіоnаl bеfоrе аddіng іt tо thеіr nоrmаl rоutіnе. Вluеbіrd Воtаnісаls dоеs nоt mаkе аnу hеаlth сlаіms аssосіаtеd wіth full sресtrum hеmр оіl.

 Charlotte’s Web

Fоr сustоmеrs whо wаnt tо buу CBD оіl tіnсturеs, Сhаrlоttе’s Wеb (СW Неmр) dоmіnаtеs rаnkіngs оf thе bеst СВD оіl tіnсturе fоr sаlе, fеаturіng іn 9 оf 11 еstаblіshеd rаnkіngs. Тhе Сhаrlоttе’s Wеb СВD оіl tіnсturеs аrе mаdе іn Соlоrаdо. Тhе Ѕtаnlеу Вrоthеrs, а grоuр оf sеvеn brоthеrs lіvіng іn thе stаtе, dесіdеd tо dеvеlор thеіr СВD оіl tіnсturеs usіng а nоn-рsусhоасtіvе hеmр.

How Trusted Agent Site Helps in Better Prediction in Online Betting

Gambling is an absolute prediction, though skill has role in this prediction, but prediction is nearer to fortune. Since ancient times, gambling has been taken as an activity for entertainment, but the hidden objective behind this activity is to make money.situs bola online There have been various methods to bet in traditional gambling, but style of gambling has changed since advent of online gambling. Now, there are websites to educate you in gambling techniques and some sites also provide tips and tricks to place bets.

Why your assessment in online gambling goes wrong?

Gambling has always been a risky affair, and you will carry a risk, as a player, until outcome of your bet is in front of you. You always assess the situation before placing a bet or multiple betting, but you may sometimes be cheated by your assessment. It happens that you have confidence in your gambling skill and assessment, but something goes wrong.situs bola online It is a natural thing, but there may be manipulation to make your assessment wrong. How and why this happens? This may be a background problem which you may not assess because it’s beyond your control. The problem relates to your online poker agent. This problem occurs when you don’t select an agen poker terpercaya. The poker agent site also makes money when you win, but it makes money when you don’t win. The agency site may be more benefitted when you lose and sometimes manipulate things, but a trusted agent will never do this.

Reliable site can help you in win

As an online casino poker player, you should keep one thing in mind that you can achieve win only when you play on the site on which you can trust, especially when you play situs bola online, which is a real-money betting game and is easy to understand. You can test and use your gambling skill on a reliable site.

Where Should You Buy Weight Loss Pills?

The demand of weight loss products is increasing dramatically among the people from all around the globe. Most of the people prefer to use these products instead of doing workouts or exercises. If you are also one of them but still confused that where to buy weight loss products then you should read this post. In the further paragraphs, you can check out the various sources from where you can buy celebrity weight loss pills with ease. You should choose the right method according to your convenience.

Online shopping websitescelebrity weight loss pills

The trend of purchasing products online is increasing day by day because it is really convenient. You can easily find a variety of weight loss products under one roof. After this, you can choose the right products according to your requirements in order to make purchases. You don’t need to go anywhere to buy these products because you can place the order by sitting in the comfort of your home. After this, you can get the delivery of celebrity diet pills or the other products at the doorsteps of your home.

Local market

You can easily find a wide range of weight loss products in your local market. celebrity weight loss pillsYou can easily buy your desired products by visiting the local stores. There are many gym trainers who are also selling these products in the gym. You can easily make purchases but this method is less convenient than the others. You can’t compare the rates of the same product from different sellers because it is time consuming. Some weight loss products are only available online so you can’t buy them from the local market.

Well, people always prefer to buy jennifer hudson weight loss pills or the other products from the official websites of the sellers. It can help them to get some discounts and many other amazing benefits.

Benefits of Living in an Apartment

Many people choose an apartment over a house, because of the many benefits and the advantage it offers to the unit occupant. Although both living in a house and apartment has its own pros and cons yet this article will help you determine why apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ is rather a wonderful decision.

Top Benefits why you need to rent an apartment in North Bergen, NJ

Less Commitment – Although renting a house will provide you with a bigger space to move in yet when it comes to maintenance, it is a massive commitment. Home maintenance is not easy especially in countries like United States. It’s not a child’s play, however when you go for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, your responsibilities are rather very few. You need to just maintain only your living area. You absolutely need not bother anything outside the unit that involves cleaning the walk way, gardening, garage maintenance, and many more.



Complete Safety – Security and maintenance are completely taken care by the property management when it comes to living in an apartment. You don’t require a special security system to take care of your unit unlike houses.  They are most ideal for those who live in single or old aged. Since they live in the close proximity of the neighbors, they can get immediate help during emergencies.

Amenities– One of the prominent benefit of living in an apartment is due to amenities. When you go for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, you can enjoy number of amenities like the swimming pool, gym, library, kids play areas for free without paying charges.

To Sum it up

Overall, apartments are perfect for anyone who want to live in style! A great choice for great home!

Professional Population in US: Blacks Versus Hispanics

Atlanta in Georgia is a land of blacks. In United States, black population is prominent in District of Columbia (DC) and many other states such as Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, Delaware, and Virginia. These are top ten locations, but you can find this population in more states such as Illinois and Ohio. DC is on the top, and Georgia has been ranked on number three in percentage among states having black population. The population blacks in most states is of African – Americans whose parents or grandparents arrived in United States long years before when immigration to this country was pretty easy. They became American citizens and their children born in this country got benefits of naturalization by birth.

How African-Americans got professionalism

What known about African-Americans was that that this population was not initially belonged to a professional class, except very few who got higher education and engaged in medical, engineering and academic professions. They also initiated measures to get their children higher education which resulted in emergence of greater number of black professionals in United States. Their population is, however, concentrated in few US states. District of Columbia, being under federal control, has most population of blacks because there are more opportunities of government jobs in this region of United States.

Professionalism: African-Americans vs Hispanics

According to data of last census published by the U.S. Census Bureau, 12.3% of the U.S. population is black, and 12.5% is Hispanic. Though Hispanic population, mostly Mexicans, is relatively more compared to blacks, mostly African Americans, but latter are rather more professional. Hispanic population is mostly engaged in skilled or labor jobs, but African-American population is engaged in both professional and skill-based jobs. Blacks in America have made progress over years, especially during the tenure of Barak Obama as the President of United States. This also made surge in black professional events in US, especially black professional events in Atlanta, which has greater number of black professional population.

The problems with modern Jews

The situations that a person might face in the current times, are surely the consequences of what he has had in his past. The past can be dark as well as bright, and therefore, a portion of it does never leave the person, and continues to haunt or enhance the mental strength of the person concerned. Is IFCJ a good charity As far as sheer past is concerned, some people might have it on the brighter side, while for some, it might seem quite fruitful ad beneficial to forget the same. Therefore, keeping in mind what has been done to a person concerned, the future reshapes itself, and the traces can still be found in the current times.

When it comes to the Jewish community living in the former Soviet Union, the past haunts them till today, for the reason that the superstitions against them, at the anti-Semitic thoughts of Adolf Hitler and communist ideologies of Joseph Stalin, makes them shiver. As of now, their current position is against judged by what they have had in their earlier days, and therefore, IFCJ finds it a good work to help the same community. Is IFCJ a good charityIs IFCJ a good charity at all? Yes, it happens to be one of the best organizations engaged in the work of providing aides and material to the Jewish people who still suffer from prejudice and discrimination at the hands of Christians and other religious sects. IFCJ reviews and IFCJ ratings could be quite helpful for community to understand and never hesitate in seeking help from them. Therefore, the modern Jews have got some stand of their own and IFCJ rating, at the very least, which would come to their aid during the times of emergency, which can be felt every now and then, due to the discrimination faced by them.

Maintain The Human Principles

While the whole world is talking about the equality of social and economic terms. It gets difficult to achieve the expected results, by every country. IFCJ ratings are acting like a mirror for the world, since it provides with the insight of the work performed by the dedicated people involved in the remarkable movement. IFCJ has never been able to step back, while doing their work sincerely. Taking the suffered community of jewish people back to their homeland is really commendable effort, worth appreciation. That is being done by them regularly.

Since so many people have been spoiling their lives, while getting stuck in the unfavourable situations. IFCJ reviews are so transparent and clear, that you can understand what all is being done and how the plans are being implemented for the rescue and betterment of the community. It is not an easy target to be achieved, still things are getting their ways out with the hard drawn efforts of the dedicated groups all across. IFCJ rating proves to be an essential tool, for the political presence to understand the efforts done by the small group for the better life of the survivors.

Is IFCJ a good charity, off course yes! Since it is one of the dominating movements in the history of Israel. That helped the oppressed groups to escape from their situations and live their lives again, in the light of hope. Previously, it was never imagined that the leading movement can reach upto the extent of popularity that all eyes become fixed on their work and actions like never before. Donations are great source of charity, that can easily be contributed by anyone who is interested to stand for the cause of humanity. There are numerous ways through which, anyone can donate the funds.


How Did The IFCJ Build A Good Understanding Among The Masses?

Rabbi Eckstein did not become the leading voice of teaching Jewish roots to Christians internationally without turning stones. He worked tirelessly and reached towards his ambition without letting setbacks get the better of him. Through impeccable communication skills and through advocacy programs, IFCJ reviews have indicated that the organization was able to reach millions of people.

The organization has made possible to reach millions through the following mediums:


IFCJ ratingsRadio programs of IFCJ is communicated in English as well as Spanish. It is being heard from over 4156 radio outlets on six continents and there are over 160 million listeners who tune onto these channels weekly. In united states itself, there are over 12 million tuning daily to listen the Holy Land Moments program based on Jewish roots. A 3-5 minutes separate news update airs on a weekly basis in Israel. The program has more than 1.8 million viewers from 1300 stations. Another daily Program includes one mute of Prayers for Israelis.  It mainly features prayers from the supporters.


Daily television programs are aired nationally in Australia, Canada, USA and Europe and have a viewer count of over 18 million a week. These programs are aimed at highlighting the basic needs of Jews in Arab lands, Soviet Union, Ethiopia and Israel. The high IFCJ rating is a good indicator of the success of these programs.

IFCJ ratingsSocial Media

Social Media is probably the best way now to reach billions from all around the world with just one click. One has to be strategic enough to attract the viewers and let them understand the purpose of the Fellowship without exaggerating stuffs. The fellowship provides educational resources, daily updates and flash news on a daily basis to keep supporters updated.

Besides all these mediums, Rabbi Eckstein has also peened down several books throughout his lifetime which has helped to build bridge of understanding among the Christians and Jews. Is IFCJ a good charity?  Well there is hardly and doubts. Regular high IFCJ ratings on Charity Navigator speak in volume about their yearly success.

Different treatments of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone condition where the bone is starting to lose its mass and thereby continuous fractures are being occurred inside the body with minimal pressure. Mainly the people who are aging or losing vitamin D or calcium from the bones are subjected to such diseases. So several tratar osteoporose are stated below:tratar osteoporose

Surgeries: If the case of osteoporosis has escalated to the critical sector then you should consider going through surgery. In the surgery, screws and rods will be placed on the fractured bones or the bony structures that will exhibit wearing or tearing before the bone is ruptured. Mostly corrective and preventive surgeries are done on the wrist, vertebrae, and femur because it can easily reduce the damage that is caused by such areas due to this uncomfortable disease.

Hormonal replacement: Hormonal replacement is also considered because in several people due to the deregulation of hormones they are suffering from osteoporosis. Women are mostly suffering from this type of condition and they opt for such treatments. So they are treated with oestrogen replacement. When this hormone is at a very low level, then it will regulate the calcium absorption in your bones and thereby cause health problems like reducing the strength of bones.tratar osteoporose

Supplements: There are many people who are taking supplements of calcium and Vitamin D for fighting osteoporosis. Due to the loss of bone mass, vitamin D is considered. It is true that all the substances can easily be synthesized in the body through the exposure to the sun or by the consumption of some specific food, but in some cases, most of the people are not being able to create a sufficient amount of it in the body and thereby lacking bone density.

Osteoporose can also be treated with the help of natural remedies like having the proper diet to doing exercise or yoga and other lifestyle changes. Until and unless your body is going through the critical symptoms of osteoporosis, it is recommended not to opt for such treatments.

Here’s How IFCJ’s working to realign the Israelis with the Mainstream

A charity organization may change its works and practices at any time of the day. This report will help you to know about it in detail. This is an organisation that aids funds for the humanisation in the nation of Israel as well as the world.

The prime objective of IFCJ is to assist the victims of war and terror by operating a fellowship hotline. According to reports of 2016 it states that over 2 million hot meals were served which aided 1.5 million people over the world. They have helped with the clothing to over 1.5 million people.

Children and elderly were benefitted

The organization IFCJ rating has given due importance to the children and elderly people of Israel who were affected by the way. They took the responsibly to help them with the food and clothes and by raising fund from over the world. They did their job flawlessly.

According to a report of IFCJ ratings from a reputed source, this organization has provided security assistance to over 50 thousands individuals over the world till now. Not only was that, 153900 soldiers benefited from the organization.

10000 calls was received

The organization IFCJ reviews claims that a record number of 10000 calls were received by the helpline representatives. Reports from fellowship claim that it has provided over 1.5 lakhs Israelis with basic necessities and job training.

How did this program consist?

People are curious to know about how this program was conducted. Well, this fellowship program was conducted by the collaboration with information materials which comprises of fundraising aspects.

Methods used for fundraising

Is IFCJ a good charity were several strategies that were implemented by the organization in order to raise fund. Some of them are direct mail, telemarketing, print, and television. The above methods were extremely successful which has helped them to reach people and collected the fund they required.

All about the educational and work history of Roberto casula!!!

Dr. Roberto is one of the senior consultant’s cardiothoracic surgeons who work with the imperial college healthcare NHS trust in London, United Kingdom. He has been in this amazing position for 18 years and is one of the most experienced consultants in the UK. He is the only surgeon who is using robotics in carrying out cardiac surgeries in the UK. He completed his graduation from Padova university medical school in 1989. This is one of the best universities in Italy. Roberto Casula has started his training as a cardiac surgeon in the UK after completing his graduation. He is registered with GMC and is the member of the royal college of surgeons of England. He has extensive knowledge of robotic enhanced and very minimal access to cardiac surgery in the United Kingdom.

Work history

Roberto Casula

He has been working as a visiting surgeon over the 15 years of experience and carried out minimal traditional, he performed robotic cardiac operations in different parts of Europe and he worked with the reputed cardiac centers that are located in Milan, Florence, Bari, Bologna, Middle East, West Indies, Udine, and Athens. He carried over 5000 major cardiac operations from 1988 and has done a series of cardiac surgeries as well as reoperations. Roberto Casula is the top surgeon with minimal access to surgeries and cardiac surgeries. He took the initiative in starting the cardiac surgeries in imperial college that is Saint Mary’s hospital with the minimal access cardiac surgical program. This robotic surgery offers many benefits such as no scar after the operation and less pain while the operation. By adopting these kinds of operations, patients would recover quickly.

Bottom line

Dr. Roberto is one of the best cardiac surgeons and is the only surgeon who is into robotic cardiac operations. After getting treated by this method, people promote their well being.