Roberto Casula Eni and His Working Ideals

Known for his quick wit and sharp intelligence, Roberto Casula is an exceptional entrepreneur, and a remarkable visionary. It is known that before he sleeps, he revises over the entire day’s errands and plans for the upcoming day so that the new day doesn’t go a minute wasted. His usual affair in a day involves planning for the whole day in advance, learning about his itinerary, following through and giving a few hours to innovative ideas, thoughts and fresh perspectives.

The idea is to think about the present while exploring the possible future for a better tomorrow keeping in mind world as well as environment’s survival. His contribution in the Oil & Gas industry has been remarkably exceptional and awe inspiring. Beginning his journey as a Reservoir Engineer for an oil & Gas company in Italy, he led his way towards technical aspects of a business and managerial ways in changing the organisational structures.

Casula, not casual

Roberto Casula eni

His strategic thoughts concentrated mostly on areas of energy crisis and sustainable energy possibilities. On an environmental perspective, the ever fluctuating climatic scenario is a major issue for the nations around the globe. As and how the census increases by many folds around the world, energy demand demands by an equivalent percentage thus, stressing and straining over the leftover energy resources.

As pointed out by Roberto in the MIT Energy Initiative held in November, 2016, it is now important that countries and nations work as a single unit and strive for global engagement in managing and efficiently utilising the energy resources while focusing and exploring energy sustainable options for the next generations’ survival and betterment.

His global thoughts and decision making aspects makes Roberto Casula Eni a well-known figure in the entrepreneurship world today.