Sad demise of Yechiel Eckstein

Dedicated person

            Israel has recently lost a very dedicated person towards the country, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He is well known for the foundation of the IFCJ organization which was initially started with the purpose of making bridge between the Christians and Jews. The initial purpose of the organization was to allow the Christians and Jews work together for the safety and security of the Jews and Israel. It also helped the Jews in Israel and other countries. His sad demise on February 6 2019 saddened people. He suddenly died because of the cardiac attack.

Worked for welfare of Jews


            He worked hard for the upbringing of the Israeli people. With the efforts over the past 40 years, Israeli citizens are able to enjoy the tourism in present times. Moreover, the diplomatic boom in Israel has a big contribution of Yechiel Eckstein. Israel citizen are also able to enjoy the social contribution of billions of shekels as stated by the IFCJ reviews. Rabbi Eckstein contributed and helped number of Israeli immigrants in the country. Isaac Herzog who has the Jewish agency handles the aspects of the immigration of Jews to Israel. After the sad demise of Eckstein, he paid tribute to him for his work towards the Jewish community.

            The Jewish people lost Eckstein who was their leader and who worked tirelessly on their behalf. Herzog expressed the work done by him along with Eckstein such as the social welfare works, aliyah and Diaspora works. He gives his deep condolence to the family and also to the complete family of international fellowship of Christians and Jews. There are number of people who describe the works done by rabbi as the incalculable works done and they also expect that the organization remains maintained even after his demise.