Scenario of Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in United States

Indian food, especially vegetarian dishes, are becoming immensely popular in United States. It is not hard to find one or two Indian restaurants in almost every state of this country. The states such as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California, and some other states have a greater number of Indian restaurants due to good number of Indians in these states. However, American population also loves Indian cuisine.

Why Americans love Indian vegan foodsvegan restaurants

Most Indian restaurants in US are vegetarian restaurants and they serve vegan dishes peculiar to different regions of India. One reason could be that America has a non-vegetarian culture and vegetarian dishes offer a new choice for American population. Additionally, changing foods habits of people have created more inclination towards vegan foods. Indian restaurants serving vegetarian dishes are often found occupied with people of American culture because they are fond of these dishes. America has a diverse culture. Americans easily get non-vegetarian dishes on various restaurants that serve cuisines of many countries, other than America.

What Indian restaurants in America serve?vegan restaurants

What vegan restaurants in United States serve to their customers? The vegetarian dishes served to customers in Indian restaurants are from all parts of India. More popular are north and south Indian dishes. If you visit United States, you can try Dal Makhni (buttered black lentil), naan, stuffed parantha, malaikofta, shahipaneer, chholebhature, paprichaat, and many more dishes from north Indian cuisine. From south Indian cuisine, sambhardosa, vada, rasam, and uttpam are very popular. Indian sweets and deserts are also very popular among American population. Dhokla and pavbhaji from west India and Sandesh from east India are also popular dishes. You can try more popular dishes on these restaurants.

What’s expected

Indian restaurants are now experimenting with fusion recipes and new recipes with new taste because Indian recipes has no limit. The demand for Indian vegetarian foods is surging and Indian restaurants are gaining dominating position in United States.