University of Oklahoma Class Ring: A Hallmark of Achievement for OU Student

Alma mater is a metaphorical Latin phrase for a university, college, or school that someone attended in the past. In US usage it can also mean the school from where one graduated. Alma mater is pride institution for every student that laid foundation of his or her future, and a student always has some respect or honor for the institution.

Alma mater, alumnus and tradition

The educational institution, and its alumnus or an alumna of a college, university, or other school is a former student who has either attended or graduated in some manner also wants association of every graduating student with the institution. So, a relationship is developed through tradition. The traditions are created in special ways to maintain unity of all pass outs from the university, college, or school. Alumni membership is a symbol of attachment with alma mater and represents one’s achievements when attending the institution four years of under graduation in the United States or any other period for graduate or doctoral education.

University of Oklahoma’s tradition

Every US university has its own tradition, but few old and reputed universities organize ring event for their graduating students. One of the leading universities, University of Oklahoma, founded in 1890s, created a high status among North America’s reputed institutions for higher education, offering courses and programs in various fields of studies. A fire destroyed its only building in 1903 and it was a big setback for the university, but the university made a progress with few students and faculty members.

University of Oklahoma class ring

The Oklahoma University (OU) ring is a narration of people’s story, and University of Oklahoma class ring is an honor that every graduating student of this university deserves. The ring symbolizes great people, both men and women, including students, staff and faculty and visionaries and dreamers who made their investment of their lives for next generations to follow. The traditional design of class rings carries a meaning for everyone who wears it during lifetime.