What Are the Uses of Titanium Tubing?

Titanium tubes are one of the popular types of metals being used in many different types of industries. Based on their amazing benefits titanium is widely used in different fields one of the main reasons for using titanium is due to an insufficient supply of steel and other metals. Titanium tubing is one of the common titanium mill products and it is used in a different range of products due to its superior strength to the weight ration and corrosion confrontation. Titanium is widely used for many different purposes here let’s discuss few uses of titanium piping .

Usually maintenance free

It is proved that the titanium oxide layer protects the fasteners from corrosion and titanium pipes are much durable compared to the other average type of materials. The titanium doesn’t corrode so it is very easy to maintain. Titanium is highly durable, strong and sturdy so you can undoubtedly use titanium to your next project.

You can easily combine with other metals

One of the biggest advantage and use of the metal is that you can easily combine the metal with other metals to create an alloy. The titanium is easily combined with metals such as steel, manganese, aluminum and more.

Which grade of titanium is right to use?

Most of the grades of titanium are approved for the usage in pressurized services, which means there are several options to use titanium. All the titanium grades are usable and grade 2 is used in most of the situation in different types of industries. Titanium piping continued to grow well in different types of industries. Some of the best uses of titanium are:


Chemical processing- titanium is corrosion resistance which is highly necessary to last longer in extreme situations.

Oil and gas- high pressure and high-temperature applications such as gas and oil wells need piping to withstand the constant use. Titanium is the perfect and durable choice for such industries.

Aerospace- the titanium tube provides resistance to the crack growth and fatigue. This can easily handle high temperature without creeping. The lightweight pipes are durable and valuable for the strength to the weight ratio.

Power generation- many of the power plants across the world has already installed the grade-2 titanium pipes to combat any types of problems that arose from the condenser and the boiler tube failures.