What knowledge can we gainfrom IFCJ?


The International Fellowships of Christian Jews (IFCJ) not only provides relief and help to the destitute and needy in Israel but also there are many different important topics on which one  can gain knowledge. Through IFCJ one can acquaint oneself to the daily devotions, can learn Hebrew or listen to podcasts on Jewish prayers and verses. Also one can watch videos related to Jewish and Christian traditions and different kinds of practices. Basically, one can easily get inspired watching and hearing to the devotional programsand relate to everyday life. The IFCJ rating is greatly influenced by such programs.

IFCJ ratings

The devotional programs that IFCJ offers

  1. The fingerprints of God:God is believed to be present everywhere around us. IFCJ preaches that his presence may not be felt everywhere but God is there for everyone, in everyone and everywhere.
  2. Man of Faith: Rabbi Yechiel, the founder of IFCJ wrote this devotional guide with the aim of showing people the Godly characteristics that must be present in every man.
  3. Purim celebration: Purim, a festival of the Jews are celebrated with grand processions in the holy land. Rabbi Eckstein even shared the memory of following God’s path to stay happy on Purim during a difficult phase.
  4. The Jewish calendar: Jewish calendar is a calendar which operates on the basis of rules that are used in different parts of the world.

IFCJ ratings


There are a number of other devotional programs by the IFCJ that has boosted up the IFCJ reviews and IFCJ ratings. It even provides a determined answer to the question ‘Is IFCJ a good charity?’ and also provides a great deal of devotional knowledge to the people on a large scale through different plans and schemes since education opens human ideology to a great extent.